183 Commits (develop)

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Olivier 'reivilibre' 1a6f1a7001 Remove sled dependency since we no longer use it 6 days ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 05e158595e Update manifest 6 days ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 78126c2f54 Update metadata 6 days ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 9f1da9ad05 Licensing 6 days ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 93bc6683a9 Yama 0.4.0 6 days ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' f24712d685 Improve docs 7 days ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 9e9939d3a9 Add backup all option. 7 days ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' a797d9cf46 Use env vars for worker counts 7 days ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' effccb5868 Remove sled-backed storage 7 days ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 09f65234a6 Clean-up and allow worker number configuration 7 days ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 2b0b090f9a Fix up the date time options for extraction 7 days ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 3d2203bdcc Critical vacuum fix 7 days ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 23e6e8da57 Allow skipping application of metadata in datman extract 7 days ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 8b60443764 Fix logic bug for warning 7 days ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 208dde529c Add (untested) shallow check support 7 days ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 8bd66dcf3e Handle SQLite constraint violations 7 days ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 4b2afc261c Deep checking and vacuuming 1 week ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 9fff39d66a mutually exclude submissions of the same chunks 1 week ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' dc9885947c Use UID and GID tables in extraction 1 week ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' f5afcb9205 Merge UID and GID tables when integrating 1 week ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 7f77a47f5f Add datman extract command 1 week ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' c6e9bdcb90 Fix extraction of single files 1 week ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' b044d2482b Provisional support for virtual sources! 1 week ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 6fd5f34379 Remove extraneous logging 1 week ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 637ee56f7c Fixup datman 1 week ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 0c4a16b6af Remove obsolete file 1 week ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' fe6bd9cd2c Remove obsolete yama features 1 week ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' caec629b02 Remove yama exclusions module 1 week ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' d3a9899f4c Use info logging where appropriate 1 week ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 95d0c38270 Make datman able to backup one source to one destination 1 week ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 504f73761b Refactor store_fully 1 week ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' caae8d593d start of backup code 1 week ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 237d4fb449 Refactor and fix 1 week ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 6f73480abe Add ibrowse 1 week ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' e6b47b27d3 Reorganise things and start interactive browser 1 week ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 8ea285f3ec Start documenting Datman 1 week ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 587a64ac06 Add interactive labelling to datman 1 week ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' dad85e6057 Remove old legacy cruft 2 weeks ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 8867d67937 Shuffle docs around 2 weeks ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' ad7bb6882c Move to subdir so we can have datman as a neighbour crate 2 weeks ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 50e0934ed2 Make yama both a library and a binary 2 weeks ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 839068a53f Update docs 2 weeks ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 1efc298acb Add primitive docs 2 weeks ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 8a495e6926 Fully integrate node on retrieve-adv 2 weeks ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 6195d12a58 antilint 2 weeks ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' a81ba30740 Add UID and GID lookup tables 2 weeks ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' d25decc70e Fix use of internal export 2 weeks ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 1b1910fcf2 Add and fix tests 2 weeks ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 12bbd8438d Add tests for exclusions 6 months ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' d14f686cf8 Add tests for exclusions 6 months ago