256 Commits (develop)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Olivier 'reivilibre' 594ead0f70 Introduce file creations and deletions during mutation 1 week ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' a1e17454d7 Add suite test to check incremental restore works well 1 week ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' ff7e3b83ea Fix integrate_node_in_place 1 week ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' ef7595a06f Antilint 2 weeks ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 74d1528123 Add more check/GC tests 2 weeks ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' e51824dfdf Remove needless 'End of pointer list' message 2 weeks ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 33f18c4aeb Make debug commands passable as parameters 2 weeks ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' ed758a8eaf Exit with code 1 on check failures. 2 weeks ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' f86b37845a Add some checking and GC tests 2 weeks ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' cc85ec24a3 Make tests more robust against different working directories 2 weeks ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 5a9947863a Add cleanup line 2 weeks ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' e9cbe24783 Fix path of known_hosts file 2 weeks ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 202bd5ae2c Make the extra settings optional as they should be 2 weeks ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 5e69d2216e Fix name of MySQL helper scripts 2 weeks ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 1cc6f910fe Fix MySQL CREATE TABLE and reinstate unit tests 2 weeks ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 5e732993ec Use mysqld_safe 2 weeks ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 5086fe06c0 Fix up MariaDB launch 2 weeks ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' a64a586d59 fix CI 2 weeks ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' bdd53862cd Debug CI more 2 weeks ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 6272913109 debug MySQL in test suite CI 2 weeks ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 71e561ae8d Add a MySQL backup helper 2 weeks ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' fe4a041573 Migrate to Woodpecker syntax 2 weeks ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' cf3f881b85 Emphasise reference to Datman 3 weeks ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' e209aea318 Get rid of obsolete yama profiles 3 weeks ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' a11961e930 Add more extensive Postgres tests 3 weeks ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' eea9a425cf Remove needless `src` directory for documentation 3 weeks ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 623ff6aac1 hopefully fix test suite postgres run 1 month ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' dbff6c6521 Use su in lieu of sudo 1 month ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' e17afe178f Antilint 1 month ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' d8b2e87d89 Add lint script 1 month ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' e5bd13b8c1 Test and fix Postgres helper 1 month ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 6d24ccb248 Warn about failures loudly 1 month ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 47eea11827 Rust toolchain updated 1 month ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' b0260cc4dc slight tweak to docs 1 month ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 7cff6f7567 Leave the drone-cache for when I can debug it (after Drone fix) 2 months ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 9dc2561ac0 Use drone-cache that is friendly to this arch 2 months ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 5451fc492a First shot at cache 2 months ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 4b6f1838dd Fix rsync paths 2 months ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' d7735c7abf hopefully fix paths 2 months ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 3076b2939d add SSH :/ 2 months ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 7092667208 we don't need so much verbosity 2 months ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 003b277177 Fix deploy stage of CI 2 months ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' fac53badfa Create datman-helper-postgres-backup 2 months ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 7b4d91dc76 Build and deploy manual in CI 2 months ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 342a3b06be Fix paths in venv 2 months ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 4803daa832 Use an image that exists 2 months ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 158fbd16c8 Give a better name for this 2 months ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' ec31fba03f Use Debian bullseye in test suite in CI 2 months ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 557dc60f84 Add test suite to CI 2 months ago
Olivier 'reivilibre' 926fcdbdb9 Fix tests by ignoring metadata 2 months ago