Server CONfiguration Engine
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envlist = py37, check_codestyle, check_types
# As of twisted 16.4, trial tries to import the tests as a package (previously
# it loaded the files explicitly), which means they need to be on the
# pythonpath. Our sdist doesn't include the 'tests' package, so normally it
# doesn't work within the tox virtualenv.
# As a workaround, we tell tox to do install with 'pip -e', which just
# creates a symlink to the project directory instead of unpacking the sdist.
commands = trial tests
skip_install = True
deps =
# pin deps so we don't start failing when they are updated
commands =
flake8 .
black --check --diff .
isort --check-only --diff .
deps =
commands =
mypy .