67 Commits (develop)

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  Olivier 'reivilibre' aed0889c43 antilint 4 days ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' 4c2256e1ce antilint 4 days ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' 276c9ec0df Add os-group as a recipe 4 days ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' c692e0acd2 Allow skipping the database need. 3 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' 93678709c7 Antilint 3 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' f5f9ae6ef9 Allow passwordless postgres users and arbitrary commands 3 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' c0adcd2c73 Substitute variables in lists #25 3 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' bc07cdc5eb Add systemd docs. 4 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' 8c0957c6f1 Make control directives generic and add @ifSet 5 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' 619cae3f45 Fix bugs with dependency tracking 5 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' 86e893d7ba Support integer indexing into lists 5 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' 3d142e8cca Allow use of toplevel stringy vars in templates 5 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' b8efd0564b Antilint 5 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' 778264565a Antilint 5 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' 562920a7ce Fix delegate variables not being accessible in templates 5 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' c1620eef33 Bugfix for templated locally-scoped variables and dishcache 5 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' 846695cfa6 Make fridge-copy able to chown files 5 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' 7fbf526c8b Allow use of temporary variables (such as for vars) in templates 5 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' e2af381b81 Make os-user provide home directories 5 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' 7522a721df Introduce documentation. 5 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre 24e93c52bc Docker enhancements: containers (#22) 5 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' 4806196012 Add WIP KDE syntax highlighter 5 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' a3a2a068ab Add install_scone.sh 5 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' 94e39b7249 Track shell-commands. Oops. 5 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' e417a3df33 Fix severe DependencyBook bugs 5 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' dde4bf00a2 Remove SHA256 hashing for depended files, since it's not correct yet 5 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' 17f7737352 Remove old, noisy debugging lines 5 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' 6094d30aae Add @after/@before on blocks! 6 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' da4afef4ad Implement a fridge-copy-dir recipe 6 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' 1325183514 Fix bugs arising from None and empty dicts causing dupes. 6 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' 9da8b4234e Implement listen/watch edges 6 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' 194250d072 Fix ability to run on subset of souss in one execution run 6 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' 8b31948478 Fix deduplication and make it possible to watch fridge files 7 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' 9173c75a7f Experimental deduplication support 7 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' dc5a5b9909 Antilint 7 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' d9b0eabd8d Add ability to run subset of menus 7 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' 55e75f3faf Add locking to prevent apt locking issues from concurrent apt ops 7 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' f17b17d02a Handle awaitables on sous to avoid warnings 7 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' 3cf9b2bcec Give readable error on unknown recipe names 7 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' 89a76c1ca5 Allow more characters in IDs 7 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' 8a42b277ff Make git be able to clone into existing empty dirs 7 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre 91ccb70b0c Merge pull request 'Add MySQL support' (#7) from rei/mysql into develop 7 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' 8a7d41d530 Add MySQL support 7 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre b54b4a972a Merge pull request 'Add ability to use pre-existing systemd units and stop them too' (#6) from rei/systemd_default into develop 7 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' 1b202f0dd4 Add ability to use pre-existing sysd units and stop them too 7 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre 17f6ce6eac Merge pull request 'Add symlink recipe' (#5) from rei/symlinks into develop 7 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' 1f233f005a Fix symlink checked mode 7 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' 5e7020e19d Add the ability to create symlinks 7 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' 950cb2b761 Antilint 7 months ago
  Olivier 'reivilibre' 9c0360e2e8 Make docker optional 7 months ago