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Maunium sticker picker

A fast and simple Matrix sticker picker widget. Tested on Element Web, Android & iOS.


Matrix room:


For setup and usage instructions, please visit the wiki:

If you prefer video tutorials, Brodie Robertson has made a great video on setting up the picker and creating some packs:

Comparison with other sticker pickers

  • Scalar is the default integration manager in Element, which can't be self-hosted and only supports predefined sticker packs.
  • Dimension is an alternate integration manager. It can be self-hosted, but it's more difficult than Maunium sticker picker.
  • Maunium sticker picker is just a sticker picker rather than a full integration manager. It's much simpler than integration managers, but currently has to be set up manually per-user.
Feature Scalar Dimension Maunium sticker picker
Free software
Custom sticker packs
Telegram import
Works on Element mobiles
Easy multi-user setup #7
Frequently used stickers at top


Element Web

Element Web

Element Android

Element Android

Element iOS (dark theme)

Element iOS