127 Commits (main)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Lomanic eb111a44c4
Proxy captions via new /proxy route 3 weeks ago
  Cadence Ember db49bb38b0
Make details/summary keyboard accessible 1 month ago
  Cadence Ember cebc4331bc
Correctly set filter referrer everywhere 1 month ago
  Cadence Ember db7ccabb3b
Implement video filters 1 month ago
  Cadence Ember aa953dc796
Tiny miscellanous changes 1 month ago
  Cadence Ember ec34702d90
Fix footer on chromium 1 month ago
  Cadence Ember 77c927ba8c
Remove mistaken console.log 1 month ago
  Cadence Ember ec9b0edadc
Make VSCode type detection happier 1 month ago
  Cadence Ember cd7969973b
Silence some route logs 1 month ago
  Cadence Ember 1982ebf9e4
Rework thumbnails to make future changes possible 1 month ago
  Cadence Ember 7caa4fb435
Change JS timestamp clicks to be object oriented 1 month ago
  Cadence Ember c811a4aaf9
Fix ?t start time parameter on videos 1 month ago
  Lomanic 7023d0287c
Seek videos without reloading the page on clicked timestamps 1 month ago
  Cadence Ember 81a4d10474
Refactor video access route 1 month ago
  Cadence Ember 94e12a2ee8
Fix escaped HTML description on settings page 1 month ago
  Lomanic 8292c8db57
Fix #14 implement video autoplay with URL parameter 1 month ago
  Cadence Ember d1e2202cae
Only show continuous mode if there are videos 1 month ago
  Cadence Ember e0238d7e7d
Preserve session-watched param on auto-proceed 1 month ago
  Cadence Ember 2b2f8bf84a
Implement continuous mode 1 month ago
  Cadence Ember e4f6ffe122
Add descriptions to settings 1 month ago
  Cadence Ember 49d32cfee2
Delete existing watch history when disabled 1 month ago
  Cadence Ember 699af63583
Update "preferred quality" setting 1 month ago
  Cadence Ember 05b91a7102
Update privacy policy 1 month ago
  Cadence Ember 6f8e03e506
Add JavaScript licenses page 2 months ago
  Cadence Ember 998bd3d7cb
Add privacy policy 2 months ago
  Cadence Ember 248c812f05
Add site footer 2 months ago
  Cadence Ember cc66a8306a
Hide blocked explanation graphic on small windows 2 months ago
  Cadence Ember 48534d4e29
Rewrite URLs in subscription feed 2 months ago
  Cadence Ember e829dd4de6
Fix spacing jump when marking videos watched 2 months ago
  Cadence Ember 259db34c86
break word for video title 2 months ago
  Cadence Ember 848651757a
Autofocus search if user-agent not a mobile device 2 months ago
  Cadence Ember 54ae21685f
Rename quality settings to user-friendly values 2 months ago
  Cadence Ember cbedc46c9b
Synchronise video/audio playback rate 2 months ago
  Cadence Ember 431767437d
Support NewLeaf's auto-captions 2 months ago
  Lomanic 500aa820bc
Implement video captions 2 months ago
  Lomanic dbbe950832
Refactor video fetcher to prefetch data 2 months ago
  ABeltramo 1b580ae0b6
Add Docker setup 3 months ago
  Cadence Ember ac3de4b4e6
Implement preferred quality selection 2 months ago
  Cadence Ember fd854ec222
Refactor instance list fetcher 3 months ago
  Cadence Ember 295fac6268
Add comments to configuration 3 months ago
  Cadence Ember ac0b16e683
Add link to documentation 3 months ago
  Cadence Ember a566816223
Uncomment default instance block 3 months ago
  Cadence Ember 3dbea65c62
Rename Second to NewLeaf 3 months ago
  Cadence Ember 9da30868ef
Update timestamp code 3 months ago
  Cadence Ember ec08f1e9a4
Remove mistaken console.log 3 months ago
  Lomanic 406e04b7b0
Rewrite youtube.com links to the same instance and implement timestamp links in videos description 3 months ago
  bopol 47da5e815b
Improve alt text layout for icons 3 months ago
  Cadence Ember 2f2cebfc7d
Support /e/ redirection 3 months ago
  Cadence Ember 39c3c28bc2
Allow video page to become narrower 3 months ago
  Cadence Ember cfe5209531
Add redirects for /watch/, /w/, /v/, /shorts/ 3 months ago