PERSONAL FORK of InfiniSim + InfiniTime
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Build InfiniSim LVGL Simulator

Simulator for InfiniTime project.

Experience the InfiniTime user interface directly on your PC, to shorten the time until you get your hands on a real PineTime smartwatch. Or use it to develop new Watchfaces, new Screens, or quickly iterate on the user interface.

For a history on how this simulator started and the challenges on its way visit the original PR.

Build dependencies

  • CMake
  • SDL2 (provides the simulator window, handles mouse and keyboard input)
  • Compiler (g++ or clang++)
  • lv_font_conv (for font.c generation since InfiniTime#1097)

On Ubuntu/Debian install the following packages:

sudo apt install -y cmake libsdl2-dev g++ npm

On Arch Linux the following packages are needed:

sudo pacman -S cmake sdl2 gcc npm

On Fedora the following packages are needed:

sudo dnf install cmake SDL2-devel gcc

Then install the lv_font_conv executable to the source directory (will be installed at node_modules/.bin/lv_font_conv)

npm install lv_font_conv@1.5.2

Get the Sources

Clone this repository and tell git to recursively download the submodules as well

git clone --recursive

If you've already cloned the repository without the submodules (or you want to update them to the latest checked in version) run the following command:

git submodule update --init --recursive

Configure and Build

In the most basic configuration tell cmake to configure the project and build it with the following two commands:

cmake -S . -B build
cmake --build build -j4

The following configuration settings can be added to the first cmake -S . -B build call

  • -DInfiniTime_DIR=InfiniTime: a full path to an existing InfiniTime repository checked out. Inside that directory the src/libs/lvgl submodule must be checked out as well. The default value points to the InfiniTime submodule in this repository.
  • -DMONITOR_ZOOM=1: scale simulator window by this factor

Run Simulator

When the build was successful the simulator binary can be started with


Running Simulator

To hide the second simulator-status-window start the binary with the --hide-status option

./build/infinisim --hide-status
  • Left mouse button: simulates your finger, just click to tap, click and drag to swipe
  • Right mouse button: simulates the hardware button (for example turn the screen off or on again)

Using the keyboard the following events can be triggered:

  • r ... enable ringing
  • R ... disable ringing
  • m ... let motor run for 100 ms
  • M ... let motor run for 255 ms
  • n ... send notification
  • N ... clear new notification flag
  • b ... connect Bluetooth
  • B ... disconnect Bluetooth
  • v ... increase battery voltage and percentage
  • V ... decrease battery voltage and percentage
  • c ... charging,
  • C ... not charging
  • l ... increase brightness level
  • L ... lower brightness level
  • p ... enable print lvgl memory usage to terminal
  • P ... disable print memory usage
  • s ... increase step count by 500 steps
  • S ... decrease step count by 500 steps
  • h ... set heartrate running, and on further presses increase by 10 bpm
  • H ... stop heartrate
  • i ... take screenshot


This project is released under the GNU General Public License version 3 or, at your option, any later version. The same license as InfiniTime.

The simulator is based on lv_sim_eclipse_sdl project under the MIT license.